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The congress will be held at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Below you will find the right adress and the location on a map.

Facultade de Filoloxía
Avda. Castelao s.n.
Campus Norte, C.P.15782
Santiago de Compostela

Tel.: (34) 881 811 759
Tel.: (34) 881 811 762

Fax: (34) 881 811 818

How to get to the congress venue?

froM the airport to downtown santiago

Take the bus that links the airport to downtown Santiago (Praza de Galicia bus stop). The bus from the airport stops at differents spots on the way, including the Santiago Conference Centre, San Lázaro, the bus station and the railway station.

For futher information on the bus stop at the airport, please, click here.

Bus timetables. From the airport: departures to downtown from 7 AM to 1 AM, every 30 minutes. From downtown Santiago: departures to the airport from 6 AM to midnight, every 30 minutes.

Contact: 981 563 238

Fares. 3,00 € one way ticket; 5,10 € roundtrip ticket.

For further information on the airport, please, click here.

from santiago downtown to the Faculty of philology (northern Campus)

There are several bus lines that link the downtown to the Faculty of Philology (Bus stops: Campus Norte or Facultade de Filoloxía):

L5 (to A Rocha): Polígono Vite / Estación Autobuses / Plaza Roxa/ Conxo / A Rocha

L15 (to Campus Norte): Campus Sur / Praza Galicia / Campus Norte

LC2 (to Vite): Estación Autobuses / Fontiñas / Hospitais / Vite

LC4 (to Fontiñas): Estación Autobuses / Vite / Hospitais / Fontiñas

Bus lines L5, LC2 e LC4 link the bus station to Facultade de Filoloxía bus stop.

Please, click here to check bus timetables.

social programme

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